Why LanSoft is a unique
PC Carrying Bag?

It's because of its design! It has been made to protect the PC as well as its case and components. So it reduces considerably the risk of damages or scratches during transport by absorbing vibrations and protecting the external case.

There will be no zippers, buckles, snap buttons, plastic or metal parts in contact with you case. So PC collectors and modders will be very happy with this PC Carrying Bag.

It's impermeable!

The special design of LanSoft PC Carrying bag make sure that few or no rain will enter in contact with your PC*. Base and top flaps is isolating the PC case against hostile external environment. So if you get cut in the rain, your PC is protected.

It's strong!

Built with best material available on the market, the LanSoft PC Carrying bag offer 3 linings of material. The middle is padded to protect from small shocks during transport. The inner liner is waterproof and the external liner is made of strong Cordura®.

Shoulder straps and carrying handles surrounds the PC. So it's not the material that's lifting the case but strong heavy straps. Buckles and straps can hold up to 200 pounds !

It's practicle and well thought!

The LanSoft PC Carrying bag offers also 3 versatile pockets for keyboard, mouse and cables or media. Nothing more.

The velcro closing system allow a perfect fit to almost every PC when the LanSoft PC bag is closed. A PC can even be smaller then the bag dimension and it will still fullfil its protection duty *.

Also, if you wish, you still can use your PC while it's remaining in the LanSoft PC Carrying bag. Just fold both end flaps inside the PC Carrying bag to gain access to your PC front and rear ends. In certain circonstances, this is very practical (like dusty or wet environments).

And finnaly, the rigid base assure that the LanSoft PC Carrying bag is stable when it's standing on the floor.


The MID TOWER model fits most common size computer cases. Recommended for the average computer desktop sizes. It is equipped with 3 useful pockets to store your peripherals such as your keyboard, mouse, cables and cds.

- BLACK & CAMO (Grey - White - Black)

Min. Size : W. 6 in. X H. 15 in. X L. 16 in.
Max. Size : W. 9 in. X H. 18 in. X L. 20 in.



* For an ultimate protection efficiency, usage specifications must be respected.

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