LanSoft is ready to conquere the world!

With two facilities located in north america and asia, we are more then ready to answer to large demand for LanSoft Carrying bag.

You wish to buy 100, 1000, 10000 of the LanSoft PC Carrying bag? We can answer to large demand. Our production and fast delivery network can accomodate requests coming from all arround the world.

Stay in touch for more details about distribution for PC manufacturers and resellers options on our web site.

Meanwhile, for those who have crazy ideas for a customized corporate PC carrying bag, for your own line of high end PCs or if you simply wish to offer your customers a brilliant, practical and relevant promotionnal item, it's time to call us at
We certainly can help you to achive your project by creating a presonalized, added value oriented product that would make your customers go "WOW".

Imagine the face of your customers getting their baby delivered in a personnalized PC carrying bag... It will certainly not go unoticed! Get away from lazy t-shirts, useless pens or boring mouse pads. Get a LanSoft and start to hit some high score in your customers perception about your products.


You wish to add to your inventory the LanSoft product line? Our standard line offer good profit margins and decent choice of colors and sizes. Depending on the quantity purchased, you can earn considerable profit per sale!

Because we are at the first level of production, there is no other middleman in the agreement you can settle with us. This is where the real opportunity stands.

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